Wednesday, May 10, 2017

LAST DAY & LEARNING ANALYSIS. "Learning is sweet."

Notice the Process Review is part 4 of the Learning Analysis.
If your format is creative, be sure it includes written materials that you can read out loud to share in class, and that it is clear how it is analytical.

What does a learning analysis do?

=It offers a flexible framework for reflecting on the class.
=It pushes you to put things together that otherwise you might not have seen connections among.
=It creates a sense of class closure, while opening up ways of thinking into your future.
=It is an opportunity to be proud of how you have put the learning of the course together for yourself.
=It helps you make sense of it all, in terms of your own values and concerns.
=What else have you found in the experience?




1) Some freewriting -- reflection after the brain dump!

a) =Why was this a final senior seminar in women's studies?

b) Pick two for one freewrite:

=What values do you bring to feminisms?
=What values do you add after this class?
=How does this course help you realize those values?

2) Exercises with the work in front of you now:

=> put an arrow next to your best statement of the argument of the course.
* put a star next to the part of the paper you like the best.

...the silly, the wise, the imaginative, and acts of creativity come together....


1) What was fun?

2) What was new?

3) What offered a sense of accomplishment?

4) What was useful?

5) When did it come together for you?

6) Why does it matter?


We will go around and share our reflections, insights, realizations, comments, hopes. 

Today I, Katie, am celebrating you all! this was an amazingly fun class BECAUSE YOU ALL GAVE TO MUCH TO IT. I sincerely thank you for that and ALSO for the wonderful little gifts you made for me last week! 

This is the final course I will have taught in my 30 years in this department.

What a wonderful way to go out!

You give me joy! I hope that now YOU will find much joy! in times to come and in reflections on your experiences!

::a very big hug!::